So many planets! 715 more recently identified, all in multi-planet systems!

"This is the largest windfall of planets that’s ever been announced at one time," said Douglas Hudgins from Nasa’s astrophysics division.

"Second, these results establish that planetary systems with multiple planets around one star, like our own Solar System, are in fact common.

"Third, we know that small planets - planets ranging from the size of Neptune down to the size of the Earth - make up the majority of planets in our galaxy."

Interesting fact of the day…

Humans have about 1,000 genes to regulate our sense to smell. Of them, only about 500 work; the rest have mutated over time and no longer function.

Considering ,that the human genome is comprised of about 25,000 genes, it would seem that smell must be pretty important to us! By comparison, the next largest gene family controls serotonin receptors, which are influence our mental health and functioning. The whole serotonin family is just 15 genes.

Want to learn more? Check out the Naked Genetics podcast for their episode “Smells like gene spirit.”

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KLC was lucky enough to attend the Highlands Festival at Waterloo last weekend. In addition to bringing great crafts to the Festival, we met some amazing crafters. One of my favorites were the ladies from the Simpatico Fiber Collective. Rebecca and Julianne are handspinners, knitters, weavers and felters working in rural Hunterdon County. They sell beautiful, wearable fiber art and supplies for knitters and spinners.

Rebecca Dioda

 Julianne Targan

In addition to their lovely wearable art, they’re happy to share their knowledge with those who would like to learn. Those are my kinds of people! So enjoy this short video of Rebecca explaining how her parlor spinning wheel works. (There’s a good bit of simple machines science in there.)

I’ve tried my hand at spinning, and let me tell you, it’s not as easy as Rebecca makes it look! She uses that amazing yarn to create all kinds of wonderful knitted creations, like the shawl below.

In this clip, Joanne explains the basics of needle felting. This is a really relaxing hobby I’ve recently discovered. She creates amazing projects with her felting, and she felts woven fabrics that she creates as well.